Articles by David Scalise, JD

David Scalise, JD, is a tenured full professor at the University of San Francisco where he has taught more than 25 different courses in business, mathematics, logic, and law at the undergraduate and graduate level; received several university and college teaching awards; written more than 45 articles appearing in numerous domestic and international academic journals; originated more than 100 presentations, and created 150 voice tracks, podcasts, and educational films. His current research interests include trade mark, trade dress, contracts, and mediation.

Protecting Descriptive Brands in Trademark and Trade Dress Law:

A company must be able to defend its marks and dress to ensure a continued, strong association between the company’s products and their source.

2011 Volume 14 Issue 3 - By , and

Secondary Meaning in Trademark and Trade Dress Law

This article, the second in a series focused on trademarks and trade dress, details the doctrine of secondary meaning and its ramifications for businesses.

2011 Volume 14 Issue 2 - By , and

The Quest for Distinctiveness in Trademark and Trade Dress Law

An overview of the critical issue of distinctiveness in trademark law and how a company’s marks and dress can be made as strong as possible.

2011 Volume 14 Issue 1 - By , and