Articles by Kent Rhodes, EdD

Kent Rhodes, EdD, serves as a participating faculty member at Pepperdine in the area of Organizational Behavior, Theory and Leadership. He is an entrepreneur who maintains a successful coaching and consulting practice for a variety of privately held and family-owned enterprises. Rhodes founded OnCourse Network, Inc., an Internet education company, and served as chief executive of the company. He successfully negotiated the sale of the company to a Silicon Valley publicly traded corporation and subsequently served as a principal with that company in San Jose, California until he successfully completed its acquisition and integration growth strategies in 2001, when he joined the Pepperdine faculty as visiting professor.

Six Characteristics of Virtuous Organizations

The notion of a virtuous organization is the result of an evolving, but grounded, field of study in leadership and management that is a mash-up of ethics theory.

2015 Volume 18 Issue 1 - By

UPDATE: Making Mergers a Growth Strategy

In this current global downturn, Mergers & Acquisition activity has become quite robust.

2012 Volume 15 Issue 1 - By

“The Secret” by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

As with most of the Blanchard book series, this piece is written as a quick read for busy managers with practical, get-to-the-point objectives.

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Cultural Intelligence by David C. Thomas and Kerr Inkson

Written for the practitioner, Cultural Intelligence provides a look into increasing decision-making effectiveness and managing conflict caused by cultural differences.

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Gen Y and Organizational Life

A discussion of network groups hold in corporate settings and the potential impact that Generation Y managers may have regarding such groups.

2006 Volume 9 Issue 3 - By , and

Six Components of a Model for Workplace Spirituality

Identifying desired characteristics of spiritual workplaces to positively impact the bottom line and bring value to members of the community.

2006 Volume 9 Issue 2 - By

Merger and Acquisition Strategies

When companies merge or go through an acquisition, the lack of a cohesive culture in the newly merged company can “break a deal.”

2004 Volume 7 Issue 1 - By

Making Mergers a Growth Strategy

An analysis of how to achieve a greater degree of synergy with merger-and-acquisition growth strategies.

2002 Volume 5 Issue 2 - By