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Editorial: E-Learning is Green Learning

An editorial on how universities can contribute to developing long-term, balanced solutions to globalization by incorporating e-learning.

2009 Volume 12 Issue 3 - By

Editorial: Taking Advantage of California’s Retirees to Help Close the Budget Gap

This editorial encourages California to utilize the talents of management retirees to help alleviate our ongoing financial woes.

2009 Volume 12 Issue 1 - By

The Death of Time and Distance

This article discusses the current Supply chain management directions, strategies, and tactics, and how organizations can improve their processes.

2007 Volume 10 Issue 1 - By and

Editorial: California Greening: Boom or Bust?

California businesses are scrambling to prepare for new regulatory requirements and increased consumer interest in “going green.”

2008 Volume 11 Issue 2 - By

Editorial: No Child Left Behind-A Blueprint for Success

It is our duty to provide the next generation with the tools to be successful in this increasingly digital-based global economy.

2008 Volume 11 Issue 1 - By


Distance learning has come a long way since Sir Isaac Pitman initiated the first correspondence course in the early 1840s. Today the Internet dramatically expands the opportunities for customized training at all levels of business and government. Corporate expenditures for e-learning in the private sector are estimated to be on the order of $20 billion […]

2007 Volume 10 Issue 4 - By

Using Dashboard Based Business Intelligence Systems

User-friendly business intelligence systems help increase organizational participation as well as improve bottom line performance.

2003 Volume 6 Issue 4 - By

Artificial Intelligence Techniques Enhance Business Forecasts

Emerging information technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques can improve the accuracy of forecasts and enhance the bottom line.

2002 Volume 5 Issue 2 - By

How Small Firms Plan to Grow

Entrepreneurs are opting for new modes of finance and compensation.

2000 Volume 3 Issue 4 - By and

Retirement Call to Action

The responsibility for retirement planning now rests more squarely on the individual than at any other time in recent history.

1998 Volume 1 Issue 3 - By , and