Articles by Owen P. Hall, Jr., PE, PhD

Owen P. Hall, Jr., PE, PhD, holds the Julian Virtue Professorship and is a Rothschild Applied Research Fellow. He is a Professor of Decision Sciences at Pepperdine University’s Graziado School of Business and Management. He has more than 35 years of academic and industry experience in mobile learning technologies and business analytics.

Editorial: Changing the Face of Executive Management Education

Many working managers are interested in a flexible curriculum that focuses on results and are turning to web-based learning systems like knowledgesourcing.

2016 Volume 19 Issue 2 - By

Editorial: “Mr. Watson, Come Here!”

The IBM Watson team identified the healthcare industry, which represents approximately 1/7th of the U.S. economy, as a market opportunity with tremendous potential.

2016 Volume 19 Issue 1 - By

Editorial: Taking Management Education to a Whole New Level

Imagine a management education learning environment where the student is fully engaged and where the instructor serves as a Play-by-Play-Man!

2015 Volume 18 Issue 2 - By

Editorial: Lightning in a Bottle!

Analytics can, through the use of various Big Data-driven computer models, significantly enhance the decision-making process and, thus, hopefully performance.

2015 Volume 18 Issue 1 - By

Crowdsourcing Management Education

Crowdsourcing is one approach for meeting the challenges of the changing needs of the business community and the programs offered by the business management community.

2014 Volume 17 Issue 2 - By

EDITORIAL: To MOOC or not to MOOC, is that the Question?

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in management education are growing rapidly in response to exorbitant tuitions, tightening budgets, limited class availability, and globalization.

2014 Volume 17 Issue 1 - By

EDITORIAL: Getting Ready for Virtually Anything in Management Education

The growing use of social media in higher education, in general, and management education, in particular, will forever change the traditional learning landscape.

2013 Volume 16 Issue 2 - By

EDITORIAL: The New Paradigm for Management Education

Today business schools are under growing pressure to engage in significant reforms due to globalization, rising tuitions, and unprecedented economic uncertainty.

2013 Volume 16 Issue 1 - By

Editorial: The World of Graduate Management Education Turned Up Side Down

Globalization is bringing about a radical rethink regarding the content and delivery of graduate management education.

2012 Volume 15 Issue 2 - By

Editorial: Is Robotics America’s Ticket to Continued Global Competitiveness?

An exploration of the potential of robotics for both increased productivity and ethical concerns, drawing on the history and looking toward the future of the industry.

2010 Volume 13 Issue 1 - By