Articles by Steven R. Ferraro, CFA, PhD

Steven R. Ferraro, CFA, PhD, is an associate professor of finance at Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business and Management where he teaches corporate finance, valuation and corporate combinations, and investments. His current research interests include corporate restructuring, event-driven investing, and real estate investment trusts. Dr. Ferraro is managing director of the Center for Valuation Studies and principal of Ferraro Capital Management. He holds a PhD from Louisiana State University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He is also a recent recipient of the Howard A. White teaching award.

Corporate Earnings

When does earnings management become earnings manipulation, and when does earnings manipulation become outright misrepresentation? This is an important question.

2017 Volume 20 Issue 1 - By and

Is “Go Away in May” a Good Portfolio Play?

The Halloween effect seems particularly compelling because of its seemingly large potential payoffs and the endless attention it receives in the media.

2014 Volume 17 Issue 3 - By and

The Buffett Approach to Valuing Stocks

This article provides an example of the process famed investor Warren Buffett is reported to go though to determine the intrinsic value of a publicly traded company.

2009 Volume 12 Issue 3 - By

Investing for Income in a Down Economy

Exploring alternatives for investing in a down economy that may provide better long-term portfolio performance through high-dividend yields and favorable diversification characteristics.

2009 Volume 12 Issue 2 - By

Recognize the True Cost of Compensation

Compensation options are a cost to the firm and need to be expensed if financial statements are to reflect the true value of the firm.

2003 Volume 6 Issue 1 - By

Who’s Driving American Firms?

Corporate boards of directors need to be very proactive and diligent in order to protect shareholder interests, the larger economy . . . and themselves.

2002 Volume 5 Issue 3 - By and

Managing Earnings … or Cooking the Books?

Some managers are distorting the economic reality of their firm’s performance through “accounting hocus-pocus,” so analyze financial reports carefully!

2000 Volume 3 Issue 3 - By and

Conversation with Franchise Mortgage Acceptance Company’s Wayne “Buz” Knyal

“Buz” Knyal, President and CEO of Franchise Mortgage Acceptance Company, discusses entrepreneurship, leadership, ethics, and education.

1999 Volume 2 Issue 2 - By and

Retirement Call to Action

The responsibility for retirement planning now rests more squarely on the individual than at any other time in recent history.

1998 Volume 1 Issue 3 - By , and