Articles by Donald M. Atwater, PhD

Donald M. Atwater, PhD, is a practitioner faculty of economics at the Graziadio School of Business and Management. Previously, he served as chief executive for a southern California technology company, the chief financial officer of an international, value-added software company, a principal in the human resources and compensation practice at William M. Mercer, and a director and co-founder of several start-up companies. He has created decision-support technologies and implemented them in a number of Fortune 100 companies, including AT&T, Intel, Dell Computer, Apple Computer, and Nestle USA. Dr. Atwater has also worked with many public organizations, including the U.S. Navy, the General Accounting Office, the state of California, and both the county and city of Los Angeles. His work has been published in the Monthly Labor Review and he has co-authored numerous papers. Today he owns and operates a company dedicated to building goal-driven communities.

Paths to Improved Business Growth When the Federal Reserve’s Policies are Ineffective

Practitioners of all sized companies are reassessing their expectations that the Federal Reserve can effectively stimulate growth and planning accordingly.

2017 Volume 20 Issue 2 - By , and

The Commercial Global Drone Market

The civilian or commercial drone market in the United States is just beginning to emerge, which puts U.S. businesses behind businesses in other countries.

2015 Volume 18 Issue 2 - By

“Beyond the Lean Revolution”By Deborah J. Nightingale & Jayakanth Srinivasan

In the big picture, it is up to the leadership team of a business to develop strategies that promote the key value propositions of the enterprise.

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Let the Social Networking Games Begin

Business managers are encouraged to assess the value of social networking games for HR processes to enhance the organization’s performance and value of workers.

2013 Volume 16 Issue 2 - By

Click Millionaires by Scott Fox

The author provides an amazing array of ideas on “how to” create online lifestyle businesses by setting up and using the internet.

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The Global Economy is Open for Business

It is easy for practitioners to believe that the global economy is collapsing when, in fact, it is open for business. As shown in this article the future of the global economy is positive and opportunities for practitioners are available.

2012 Volume 15 Issue 2 - By and

Labor Pains: The Recovery of the U.S. Labor Market is about to be Pushed Back

The labor market recovery is more uncertain than past rebounds because government deficit reduction programs will lead to layoffs and dampen future employment growth.

2011 Volume 14 Issue 3 - By

Managing the Older Worker: How to Prepare for the New Organizational Order by Peter Cappelli and Bill Novelli

The strength of the book is the series of provocative issues it raises. Practitioners can read it and decide if their businesses are positioned to better manage older workers and increase performance.

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A Consequence Analysis that Needs to be Shared

The Federal Reserve continues a tradition of sharing little information with practitioners, increasing uncertainty and further hindering economic growth.

2011 Volume 14 Issue 1 - By and

The Power of Sharing in an Uncertain World

A case study of a corporate business unit at Nestlé in the United States demonstrates the potential of virtual insourcing.

2009 Volume 12 Issue 4 - By , and