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A Lexicon of Business and Information Technology (IT) Acronyms

2005 Volume 8 Issue 4

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Business terms reduced to acronyms save keystrokes and speed up communication in an Internet world where every soundbyte counts. Unfortunately, how many times have you read an article, listened to a broadcast or received an email full of acronyms, some very familiar and some totally unfamiliar? Getting to the point, below are a few common and not so common business terms to help you decipher business terminology.

Acronyms for Business and Information Technology

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
BBB Better Business Bureau
BOI Business Object Interface
BV Business Valuation
CAD Computer-Aided Design
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CIO Chief Information Officer
COB Close Of Business
COGS Cost of Goods Sold
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
COO Chief Operating Officer
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPA Cost Per Action
CPC Cost Per Click
CPI Cost Per Impression
CPM Cost Per Thousand
CPP Cost Per Pop-up
CPS Cost Per Sale
CPT Cost Per Transaction (cost per lead)
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CTO Chief Technology Officer
CTR Click Through Rate
DBA Doing Business As
EBR Enhanced Business Reporting
EDI Electronic Data (or Document) Interchange
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
FLP Family Limited Partnership
FT Full Time
FTC Federal Trade Commission
FTE Full Time Equivalent
GAAFR Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
GAGAS Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards
GAO Government Accountability Office
HTM/HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
IO Insertion Order
IPO Initial Public Offering (new stocks)
ISO International Standards Organization
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISS Internet Security Systems
IT Information Technology
JOA Joint Operating Agreement
KM Knowledge Management
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LLC Limited Liability Company
LLP Limited Liability Partnership
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIS Management Information System
MRP Manufacturing Resource Planning or Material Requirement Planning
MSI Multiple Streams of Income
MSRP Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
NASDAQ (once an acronym for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system)
NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
NIB New In the Box
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
OPM Other People’s Money
OPR Other People’s Resources
OPT Other People’s Time
OTC Over-The-Counter (Stock)
PA Public Accountant (not certified)
PL Profit and Loss
PO Purchase Order
POM Program Objective Memorandum
POP Point of Purchase
POS Point Of Sale
PR Press Release
PT Part Time
PVI Positive Volume Index
QA Quality Assurance
QC Quality Control
RFP Request for Proposal
ROI Return on Investment
ROS Return on Sales
SBA Small Business Administration
SEC Securities & Exchange Commission
SFI Six-Figure Income
SKU Stock Keeping Unit
SM Service Mark
SOHO Small Office, Home Office
TM Trademark
VP Vice President
VIP Very Important Person
VPN Vendor Part (or product) Number
XBRL Extensible Business Reporting Language

Acronym Sources:
http://www.aicpa.org/members/glossary (no longer accessible)

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